☘️ Lets walk the journey of your own energetic landscape and gives you creative tools and insights as to how food and ways you eat can heal, brighten, balance and strengthen parts of you that need not only physical but spiritual nourishment too.

Meraki : The art of doing something with passion.

We bring to you a path to self discovery, by weaving together the small threads of your physical, spiritual and mental self into a completed tapestry that spells “self­ love”

Meraki Workshop is a place to bridge your body and soul
by acts of self care that go unnoticed, like understanding your relationship with food and practicing mindful indulgence.

Join our SELF • CLUB and experience a journey that creates a positive synergy and provides you with insights that truly nourish your soul.

Spiritual and mental self into a completed tapestry that spells “self­ love”


"Thank u Kavita for this wonderful journey. Detox challenge is getting better with every passing year and this time it was awakening and balancing not only from body n mind but something more deeper. The whole journey has made me more calmer and grounded. I always knew the benefits of eating colorful fruits n veggies but never connected it with chakra balancing or emotional connection with mind.. Also Gratitude has again helped me to know how much I have to thank for and how much more is on its way for me Self awareness, feeling contend, calmness, Loving self, divinity n resilience is what I have attained in this journey. Thanks a ton Kavita for all your efforts n support and everyone the group for being motivators and a big support"

- Anubha, Noida

"First of gratitude to God , Kavita and lovely friends for supporting and showing me this path to holistic health .. Even though I was having hectic schedules and could not give 100% .. especially on the meditation front .. I could manage the food part .. I connected well with self and loved the feeling as I understood how the food affects our health and moods .. I was so grounded and relaxed from inside, my cravings was lesser and control was much higher .. as if a new self was kind of controlling it."

- Himani Garg, Noida

"What a great experience once again I gained mental and emotional strength, stability, feel energized and grounded. I felt calmness and peace in routine, accomplishing all tasks easily, finding myself in balanced state with clarity of thoughts. My aaceptance power has increased. Last two days were different , could feel raised vibration as I read the affirmation "divine wisdom flows through me" after doing meditation blind folded, it's affect was almost whole day. Thanks for all beautiful experiences"

- Rupali Tyagi, Noida